How the Goal Guru Works for You

I help amazing emerging leaders and talented teams get off the “everything-is-important” hamster wheel and make time to focus their talents where they are most sorely needed — on themselves.

For anyone who has dreams but no time, is ambitious but overwhelmed, is an anchor for others but feels adrift themselves, I offer a variety of personalized solutions to taming the chaos that stands between you and your dreams. Even if that dream is just a really good night’s sleep.

Read on below for the different ways I can help you take control of your life this year.

Get ‘Mondaze’ Motivation

If the start of the week has you feeling like you're already behind, join me for a little Mondaze Motivation. This powerful, 30-minute guided exercise in designing your week will snap you out of the fog and set you up for success for the week to come. BYO coffee. Pajamas, pets and kids welcome.

Private Coaching

Do you spend so much time doing for others that you struggle to get things done for yourself? Have big dreams but no time to achieve them?

Stop drowning in to-do lists and join my coaching program. Using all of the tools and tips I’ve tried and loved (and a handful that I’ve created), I can help you let go of all that is holding you back, focus on what’s most important to YOU, and get sh*t done.

In just 30 to 60 minutes a week, we can make your talents work for you. Don’t believe me? Schedule your first call now. It’s completely free, and who knows, it might even be a little fun.

Goal Guru for Better Teams

My programs for team goals are simple, effective and fit in your day-to-day rhythm. No 8 hour retreat. No trust falls. No complex personality evaluations. Just regular, direct, open communication and thoughtful prompts to empower your team to work as collaborators in a shared vision.

All programs touch on the same principles, but are also individualized to fit YOUR team’s most urgent needs. Schedule a call with me now to learn more.

Define your work. Align your life. Design your future.